Гонщик Racer DJ Nakals Remix2014 NikitA гр. Никита

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Исполнитель: NikitA гр. Никита

Название песни: Гонщик Racer (DJ Nakals Remix)2014

Длина файла: 02:39

Дата добавления: 2015-03-05

Текст просмотрен: 513


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Интернет-Перевод на Английский:
Who in my bed with such a strong, strong
Though actually not a hero movie,
But will give odds to any that he is with me now
That's the one to myself I pulled magnet
He in my bed is very similar to the bandit
So hard to unwind, Yes...but I like it
Take me away from here - Hey you, racer
Take me away from here, if you want...
Buckled me stronger ropes,
Застегни me stronger bracelets
You're the one and the other is not necessary
I like it, like it...
I am at level reflex gained thee,
Not love not the bride, but who are you, I,? ha ha...
Limit your passion,
You're driving me crazy

Metal Mortal Racing Combat CD (Sonic Mix)
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