Overdose EXO English Remix Chad Future

exo overdose english mp3 а также видео exo overdose english mp3

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Исполнитель: Chad Future

Название песни: Overdose (EXO English Remix)

Длина файла: 03:24

Дата добавления: 2015-01-07

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I think I'm going under
I'm Deeper in her spell

She give me all she got
I hope It never stops

This girl is bad so
No time for drama yo

It all happened so quick
and Now I need a hit

Her love, her love, this chick has got me going
I never thought I'd ever feel this strong
See this girl's my fantasy
make me wonder if it's really fair

Oh! She wants me (got it!)
Oh! She's got me (hurting!)
Oh! She burns me
Watch out, this girl cause she got me stuck.

Someone call the Doctor falling deeper in her love
I just can't stop, i'm wrapped in your spell
She got me feeling like I never even felt before
what should I do, when all I wants you (AY-YO)

Too Much. No more. Your love.
It's an Overdose
Too Much. Your love
It's an Overdose

Look at those eyes
look at those thighs
damn that girl you know she fly
got me hung up, got me strung up
like a drug

EXO - "OVERDOSE" Chad Future English Remix (Feat. FutureLove)
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