Into A Fantasy OST Как приручить дракона 2 Александр Рыбак

into a fantasy александр рыбак скачать а также видео into a fantasy александр рыбак скачать

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Исполнитель: Александр Рыбак

Название песни: Into A Fantasy (OST Как приручить дракона 2)

Длина файла: 03:38

Дата добавления: 2017-04-30

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I have a dream. You are there.
High above the clouds somewhere.
Rain is falling from the skies,
but it never touches you;
you're way up high!

No more worries, no more fears.
You have made them disappear.
Sadness tried to steal the show,
but now it feels like many years ago.

And I, I will be with you every step!
Tonight, I found a friend in you.
And I'll keep you close forever.

Come fly with me
into a fantasy
where you can be
whoever you want to be,
come fly with me!

We can fly all day long.
Show me the world, sing me a song.
Tell me what the future holds.
You and me, we'll paint it all in gold!

And I, I will believe your every word!
Cause I, I have a friend in you.
We'll always stay together!

Александр Рыбак. Презентация клипа "Into a fantasy" в Киеве. Интервью. (23/06/2014)
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